new update last night
android app
Added story system. (status, automatically gets removed after 24 hours).
Added new comment system for blogs and movies.
Added group chat system.
Added the ability to edit comment’s replies.
Added hide posts feature.
Added 30+ more emojis.
Added full verification form (ID, photo, description).
Added new post sharing system.
Added new albums style
Added “Who can see my friends” privacy option
Added multi admins for groups and pages.
Added gif to messages/posts.
Added Lightbox for images on messages, comments, and replies.
Added page rate system, users can rate page from 0/5.
Added family members list (add a friend as a brother, father etc..)
Added relationship assignment, e.g: MAHMOUD is in a relationship with ***
Added find friends nearby (find friends near you within 100KM)
Changed the trending system to be updated weekly.